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Box Lacrosse Frequently Asked Questions

What is Box Lacrosse?

Box Lacrosse is an indoor lacrosse game played on a rink or turf field. Typically box lacrosse fields utilize walls or boards similar to hockey so that the ball "stays in play" and doesn't go out of bounds after shots or missed passes. This creates a situation where there is constant, fast play where players are always on the move.

Box lacrosse is played as a 5v5 format where all players run the full field with no restrictions. Goals are typically 4'x4' instead of the outdoor 6'x6' making it tougher to score. Goalies wear additional padding in box lacrosse which makes therefore demands more accurate shooting. There are many modifications that can be made depending on the type of league, age group, and size of the rink. Ultimately box lacrosse creates an environment that rewards quick hands and decisions on offense, accuracy with passing and shooting in tight spaces, great footwork on defense, and constant communication. These skills transfer well to the outdoor game when coached properly. The Youth Lacrosse System Teaching Model for Player Development has long utilized this type of modified field training with practices, camps, seasonal 3v3 tournaments, 4v4 & 7v7 competitive leagues.

Why play Box Lacrosse?

Not only is box lacrosse a great option during times of year when the weather is less than ideal(hot summers or cold winters), it is excellent for working on important fundamentals that transfer directly to the skills needed in outdoor lacrosse. Being able to work in tight space on offense, play defense with your feet and not just stick(only short sticks allowed in indoor) are the types of skills that players develop while playing box lacrosse. Because of the rink walls the ball stays in play creating constant back and forth action that ensure players get plenty of touches on the ball, and opportunities to play offense and defense in a single shift.

Box lacrosse development has shown to transfer well to the success of outdoor collegiate lacrosse and beyond. However box lacrosse has been around for a long time and the YLS program has utilized the skills and concepts from box lacrosse in all of our previous camps, and leagues including our Summer and Winter 7v7 leagues which demand the box lacrosse skills.

Do players need special equipment for Box Lacrosse?

At the youth level, players can use the same helmets and pads they use for outdoor lacrosse. Many players choose to also wear extra arm padding or rib pads as well, but this is not required.

The biggest difference in equipment are the goalies who instead wear equipment very similar to hockey style padding. These items are provided for goalies by the YLS program. Anyone interested in playing indoor goalie during box leagues should email to find out information about being a goalie during league play.

How is Box Lacrosse different from field lacrosse?

There is a lot of strategy that makes box lacrosse unique. Some of this strategy works very well in outdoor lacrosse while some is more particular to indoor lacrosse. For example, players are often allowed a bit more contact on picks and screens during box lacrosse than is allowed in the outdoor game. Other key differences include offensive formations unique to box lacrosse that aim to attack the middle of the field differently than would be possible in outdoor lacrosse. Because of the size of the net and amount of equipment goalies wear, low angle shots are often not ideal in box lacrosse compared to shots that get the goalie moving left to right or from the middle of the rink. 

How does Box Lacrosse fit into the YLS Teaching Method that has been successful?

The YLS teaching method has always utilized the idea of small team/small-sided training as a key part of player development. Since its founding in 2005, YLS programming has always emphasized creating small team competitions and leagues that promoted constant action, touches on the ball, and a fast transitional play within our indoor recreational and elite programs, 3v3 tournaments, and 4v4 & 7v7 leagues. Box lacrosse is a natural progression of the training already being done by the YLS staff at all practices, camps, and leagues. This is seen by the experienced YLS players that have picked up the game of Box Lacrosse extremely quickly as it builds on the core concepts that are already part of the YLS teaching model.

Who are the coaches for the Box Lacrosse Program?

Just like any of our programs we work with highly qualified coaches that put player development at the center of instruction. Many of our coaches have box lacrosse experience and bring a wealth of knowledge that is standard to what is expected of any YLS coaching staff. We have high standards for our coaches and those we select to run our programs and our Box Lacrosse leagues are no different. Our dedicated staff loves teaching the game of lacrosse whether it is outdoor during our camps, leagues, spring teams, or travel season or indoor during our Box Lacrosse programs!  If you would like to take part as a participant or as a coach with YLS, please contact us at

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