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The Youth Lacrosse System  understands that there is large financial and time commitment associated with our sport. With this in mind, the Directors of YLS have worked hard to develop the following pilot Discount and Promotion Program to assist our loyal families as much as possible.

When an upcoming Program (Camp, League, Session, etc) is announced, families will be have a small window of opportunity to save money by participating in early registration. Discounts will vary based on Program Cost.

YLS often offers multiple programs during a single season. For instance, in the winter, our popular Polar Camps are offered in conjunction with the Frozen Fingers League. Families will now receive a significant discount when a participant registers for both programs.

Many of our families have more than one child participating in our programs. This could mean a 1st and 5th grader both participating in separate divisions of our Summer 70s camp or a child participating in K-2 Spring League and 6th Grader in Spring Lacrosse Club.

PROMOTION CODES:  Most of the above discounts will be calculated automatically in our system. In some cases, such as having a son in Fall Champions League and a daughter in our Fall Skills Sessions, a promotion code will be needed to accomplish the family discount. If this situation applies to your family, please contact and we will be happy to assist.

At various times throughout the year, we will place equipment orders on items such as Helmets, Gloves and Apparel.
YLS will take advantage of deep discounts associated with group orders and pass the savings on to you!

NOTE: Returns will not be accepted on any equipment order. It is the family's responsibility to research and fit equipment prior to ordering.
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